Saturday, 28 November 2009

....and there's more

The top one is up for an opening bid of £25.00, the middle one is £10.00 and the bottom £15.00.
G'wan, you know you want to........

Some of the work available........

Just a sample of what's available today.
The top one has a starting bid of £10.00, the middle one is £40.00 and the bottom (in all senses of the word) is £35.00.
How can you resist ???

Friday, 27 November 2009

What are you doing tomorrow ?

If you fancy an evening out, why not come along?

This is the second sealed bid auction we have done at the shop. The last one was three years ago, and I said then that I would do another in three years time, so here we are.

Currently there are 58 pieces of work up for grabs. Each one has a minimum bid price, the cheapest of which is £10.00, rising to £150.00 for the most expensive.

A tally is kept of the NUMBER of bids per piece, but not HOW MUCH has been bid. This means that if something started out with a minimum price of £20.00, and there are three bids on it already, you have to make an educated guess to outbid the competition.......sort of like analogue ebay, but with the added advantage of wine and great company!

I'll post a few images of things for sale over the next twenty four hours, so keep checking back.

Anyway, we kick off at four, and the bids get opened at seven, be good to see you.