Tuesday, 18 November 2008


......that's how I would describe the weather today.

I'm trying to revel in the winter, rather than let it get to me.

Walking about yesterday I wandered through a big pile of fallen leaves. One whiff of the musty earthy smell from them threw my mind back to being a kid in Bradgate Park.
All a bit Merchant Ivory, soft focus back-lit memories of mittens and cold ears, but an involuntary smile can't be fought off, or argued with.

I wonder if in thirty years, my kids will catch a whiff of frigid salt air somewhere and be transported back to childhood ?

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Blue Peter ?

Does anyone else remember asking their Mum to save washing up liquid bottles and cardboard when they were a kid ?
I remember how even more important it seemed at this time of year, because it was time for the Blue Peter Christmas craft assault.
Wire coat hangars, tinsel (fireproof of course !), candles, what could possibly go wrong ??
John Noakes, Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves..........am I mistaken, or did the object emerge week by week, with each of the presenters adding their own creative flourish ?
Lots of ; "Here's one I prepared earlier".
Of course it seems obvious now that some poorly paid research assistant had done the earlier stuff, but back then I actually believed that Valerie had spent all morning sorting the technical difficulties, in order to make the process even easier for me.

I only bring it up in response to Beachfreak's comment on the last post.
I think he may be right on track.

Off to the beach now to get some materials.....................see you there.

Monday, 10 November 2008

onwards and upwards

Bit of a gap there..........technical issues, and general fatigue.

On a more positive note, a good amount of work done at the studio, including a couple of commissioned pieces. Always nice to get paid !

The leaves are all off the trees here, and the rain is currently lashing the windows. Not easy to get out and paint in such conditions. I'm resigned to sitting by the fire and burbling away on the laptop.
Thinking back over the last week or two, I realise that for the first time in several years, we didn't do anything much for Halloween, or Bonfire Night. Just another sign that the kids are getting a bit older, where does the time go ?

Christmas soon........I'm thinking traditional, you know, a walnut and a spinning top for the kids, maybe a single posh chocolate for herself.............