Thursday, 13 November 2008

Blue Peter ?

Does anyone else remember asking their Mum to save washing up liquid bottles and cardboard when they were a kid ?
I remember how even more important it seemed at this time of year, because it was time for the Blue Peter Christmas craft assault.
Wire coat hangars, tinsel (fireproof of course !), candles, what could possibly go wrong ??
John Noakes, Valerie Singleton, Peter I mistaken, or did the object emerge week by week, with each of the presenters adding their own creative flourish ?
Lots of ; "Here's one I prepared earlier".
Of course it seems obvious now that some poorly paid research assistant had done the earlier stuff, but back then I actually believed that Valerie had spent all morning sorting the technical difficulties, in order to make the process even easier for me.

I only bring it up in response to Beachfreak's comment on the last post.
I think he may be right on track.

Off to the beach now to get some materials.....................see you there.


beachfreak said...

While I have come to accept the atrocious fact that the '06 phone-in debacle misled the audience, are you now telling me that Groomy and Sarah Greene were making it all up?

I simply can't cope.

PS who the hell is Peter Purves? Must be a generational thing. And I thought Valerie Singleton was an adult movie star. Is that wrong?

travelling, but not in love said...

I remember being gutted because things needed yogurt pots and we never, ever, had very working class.



The Hangar Queen said...

Blue Peter was always a bit 'foreign' to us across the Irish Sea.Yet how all that changed when they had the Pet Shop Boys on for their telly debut.

They really should have been on "Tomorrow's World"

sally in norfolk said...

John Noakes, Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves...... wow that brings back memories :-)

knifepainter said...

Freak, I fear you may have glimpsed the 8/10ths of the iceberg below the surface....As for Peter Purves, he still exists, and can be heard doing the T.V. commentary for Crufts every year ! Val was most certainly NOT an adult movie star, she was my first love.

TBNiL, I feel your pain. Creme Fraiche anyone ?

Lad over the fence, I think the dog was CGI.

HQ, The Pet Shop Boys eh ? I was away to be a servant of the crown by then. I think I remember T-Rex being on though !

Sally, exactly so. x

Swearing Mother said...

The thing about Blue Peter Christmas appeals is that they always wanted you to post stuff to them - old jumpers, sinks, bottle tops, anything they could raise cash from. I bet the good old Royal Mail loved being clogged up with all those extra parcels at their busiest time of year.

Thinking of having a Blue Peter bring-and-buy myself as a matter of fact, I always wanted one of their badges.