Sunday, 18 November 2007

Grand opening

The headache has cleared !

Thanks to all who came and supported the bash on Saturday evening, especially if you volunteered to be "portraitised"(or whatever the term is).

A couple of people came along who had read about the opening on Blog power is yet again demonstrated. Thanks to you for showing up.

On another subject entirely I have been tagged by swearing mother.


Eight things I am passionate about;

Herself and the evil ones.

Friends and Family

My work


Art in general

Music and Gin. (that counts as one)

Eight things I want to do before I die;

Paint full-time, all the time

Go back to Paris

Go back to Amsterdam

Make enough money to get the kids set up for life.

Paint a portrait of Michael Cain or Rolf Harris.

Be comfortable with the concept of being a selfish artist

Be chased up the stairs by a nymphomaniac

Own a VW Camper

Eight things I say often;

That's bollocks

Fuck right off

Who's moved my keys/hat/phone etc.

I'm not being funny, BUT.........

Of course I can paint it again in colours that match your sofa.....

I'm on my way

Oh yes, painting is SO relaxing

I didn't want to anyway

Eight books I have read recently or are still reading;

Berlin, Anthony Beevor

Trusted Mole, Milos Stankovic

Degas, by himself

Billy Bragg, The Progressive Patriot

Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley

Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island

Robert Graves, Goodbye to All That

Sebastian Faulks, The Fatal Englishman

Eight Songs I could listen to over and over;

Paul Weller, Sunflower

U2, Beautiful Day

The Frattelis, Chelsea Dagger

The Jam, That's Entertainment

Martha and the Vandellas, Heat Wave

Stevie Wonder, Very Superstitious

Basement Jaxx, Where's Your Head At

The Cure, Lovecats

How thrilling !!!...........never been tagged before !


Swearing Mother said...

So glad it was me that tagged you! I just knew you'd be very interesting, and nothing in your list was a surprise to me at all, so I must have got you well sussed already!

Apart from the fact that you haven't been chased upstairs by a nymphomaniac yet, obviously.

beachfreak said...

Rolf Harris?

The rest of it I dig. Man.

knifepainter said...

That should have read 'again' on the nympho line....

Rolf, top bloke, interesting mush, no doubt.

(Big love to you both). x

Kitty said...

*eyes mr horse, then the stairs*

giddy up

photogdownunder said...

Glad to hear all went well on Saturday, and a very interesting list Knifepainter!I can go with Rolf, but Basement Jaxx!! Get some StoneSour man, they ROCK! The threedee gig - great to see there is still yet more hidden talent coming out! I'm sure we met her in the Plover one night!?
Take it easy my friend,

Bruv said...

Glad the opening went well. Sorry I couldn't be there. I will not miss Open Studios next year!

As for your tag list, I have an observation.....

Artist, Yes! Selfish, no!

Probably one of the most generous blokes I know. It is the source of some pride that you are my brother.

Missing the White Stripes off your music list though....That I may not be able to forgive....

snapper said...

Re; "you haven't been chased upstairs by a nymphomaniac yet" Really, Has your better half read that statement?

And I wonder who prompted this? ... Of course I can paint it again in colours that match your sofa

Laughing Boy said...

bring it on....pretty much with you on all those things (except unlike you, my painting is shite, not fit to be called painting)

i have been chased DOWN the stairs by a nymphomanic('s brother.)

have seen U2 & the cure this year. both were awesome.

knifepainter said...

Kitty, "whinny" (like a horse).

Photog, we did see her, I can't get the image out of my head. Oh and stop listening to that stuff, it'll rot your head.

Bruv, thanks for the compliments, deliberated over The Stripes, on balance had to go with Town Called Malice.

Snapper, know I wouldn't have put up with that from anyone but you !

Laughing Boy, glad us old fella's are still represented at good gigs. We live a bit far from the big venues here.

sally in norfolk said...

was so sorry to have missed your opening day...
you must remind me where i can find you and what days your studio is open

If i remember right your in Aylsham ??

sally in norfolk said...

or should that be...

Mundesley, x

~Miss Smack said...

Great list. I like learning more about you.

knifepainter said...

Hi Smack........ta very much.x