Tuesday, 3 June 2008

artist in hard work scandal......

It's true, honest.

Open Studios came and went, it was okay but generally a bit down on last year. (Footfall and turnover).
This week sees a brief foray into the city of Norwich, with a bunch of other painters and sculptors.
We are showing in St. Margaret's Church, St. Benedict's Street, until 5.00pm on Saturday. If you are in the Fine City between now and then, come and say hello.
I'm invigilating today and all day Saturday, so if you would rather keep your mental image of me as a dashing young blade with a freshly polished pallette, it might be best to avoid those days.

Thanks to those of you who started to sound concerned by my absence, it warms the cockles.

That will be all.


Susanne said...

Hi Sam,
Found your blog on blogcatalog...Nice blog you have!

One could spend the whole day surfing this b... catalog and forget about everything else.

I hope the exhibition in Norwich goes well - lots of visitors, many sold paintings! I won't come, as I am on my own here, with B&B guests and work to prepare for paston College.
Will Hilary & Lewis come to lifedrawing? I really look forward to it. I might know another chap from Trunch who'd like to come - is there space for one more?

Take care,


Swearing Mother said...

Glad to see you're OK, just busy. Sounds hard work but fun.

travelling, but not in love said...

Phew! Thought you'd fallen into a vat of paint.

Good luck with Norwich. Hope all the hard work pays off.

And you know what - I always have pictured you as a dashing young blade...with a paintbrush between your teeth, and another one touching up the shadow on a left breast!

knifepainter said...

Hi Susanne...see my reply in your e-mail. Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Sweary, all a bit frantic actually.
I currently do not seem to be able discern my arse from my elbow !

Travelling, thanks for the luck, I might use your mental image for a christmas card.....add a bandana and ta'ra, Eroll Flynn !

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Made my way into Norwich City today to find St Margarets - walked from the Museum Park and Ride stop. Met up with Pia and your lovely hunk of a sculpture of driftwood. Some works were by artists I had visited during the Norfolk Open Studios and bought myself a little pig as a memento of the day. Could see why you were so busy with the large canvas works and no blog postings.