Sunday, 18 January 2009

out and about

A cold wind and horses that won't stand's a tough life.
The biggest positive to be drawn from the weekend, from a painting point of view, was the fabulous light. Just being out in it was inspiration enough.

I have made a couple of attempts at the local nags in the last week. Great practice for speedy work but proper bloody hard to be accurate.

More tomorrow, have a lovely evening.


Sarah said...

I like the painting very moch- I had assumed the image (a thumbnail on my page)was a photo; I thought, 'oh, that would make a great painting...'
Imagine my surprise...
How can you bear to be outside, painting or am I a wuss?I may sound flippant, apologies
I DO like the painting

walrus21 said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, for tomorrow, lambchop.

Mary Z said...

Great paintings! I wish I could see some in real life. Do you paint with a palette knife?


knifepainter said...

Hi Sarah, you didn't sound like a wuss, and neither did I when I arrived back at the studio weeping and moaning about my cold feet and hands......
Thanks for dropping by !

Walrus, I thank you

Hey Mary, nice to hear from you.
Yep, some of the work is done with a knife, often to lay in the broad shapes before I ruin them with a brush !
As for seeing them in real life, the kettle is always on at the studio....

Anonymous said...

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