Saturday, 2 May 2009

Nose to the grindstone........

I was lucky enough to be in London yesterday. I was even luckier to have four hours to kill before my train back to dear old Norfolk. A swift five stops and one change tube ride later, I was at the National Gallery.
An even swifter twelve quid later, I was feeling somewhat inadequate standing with my mouth open in front of 'Large Bather', by a certain Pablo Picasso.
The current show; Picasso Challenging the Past, is a stunning whistle stop tour of Picasso's work. Just in terms of chronological spread, you get bodily propelled from the late 1800's to the early1970's. In terms of style and content, you are by turns assaulted and caressed from flayed sheep's heads to minotaurs via self portraits and harem's of nudes. I loved it.
As a student I found the man's work aloof and confusing. Yesterday, with a few more miles on the clock, I found myself beguiled, bewitched and breathless.
These four pieces are mine, not Pablo's, but in his own words;
"Like all artist's, first I am a painter of women".


Kitty said...

god damn i want you to paint me.

then afterward i can get in the shower with you can wash all the paint off with your hands.


knifepainter said...

I love how you pop in and cheer me up Puss.

Anonymous said...

Picasso was a conflicted soul. I love his work. There are several in my house (not originals, of course) - but I particularly enjoy the ones he painted of his women - lovers, wives. They are less dark, and show what a wonderful passion he had for the opposite sex. I have a passion for both sexes and can appreciate a beautiful woman - as I see you do.

I'm enthralled by your work and your perspective...I wish you were closer!

knifepainter said...

So do I.....especially as I'm leaning very hard on herself to model, and I could do with another lady or two to help shoulder the burden !