Wednesday, 26 August 2009

it must be summer..........

................because I have failed to post for sooooo long !

Anyway, no boring excuses, the image above may help you understand my lack of application. The image was taken a few hundred yards from my house, one morning last week.

Would you be stuck in front a computer ?
I think not.
While spending a more than reasonable amount of time on the beach, I have managed to do some work.
Working from holiday makers on the beach comes with it's own problems. I can deal with the sand in the paint (texture), I can deal with the sunburn (struggling for my art), but I do wish people would STAY PUT !

In other news, the eldest teenager has had her GCSE results, (OK) and is starting College in a week, the other teenager begins his GCSE courses at the same time..........more joy.

Hopefully more regular post's will commence as of now, but life keeps getting in the way a bit !



Sarah said...

Aah, you shame me. it's been my summer, indoors. i think I got to the beach, maybe 5 times?
Up here, the sea has been a stubborn, blue, crayon-drawn strip, without a hint of swell...and there's that commission, just staring at me, every time I go in the studio.
It's a life, eh?

knifepainter said...

Hey Sarah, shame the weather has let you down then. I think we have had the best summer for about 6 or 7 years here.
Nice tan, but could have done more work !

Royal Cottage said...

Welcome back. We went to the Felixstowe prom art show at the weekend - didn't expect it to be quite so large and I don;t think the artists expected it to be quite so windy - several 'hanging fences' were ahving to be held down by their charges.
I've been instructed to do more to our blog for the cottage, take a look norfolk coast cottage (sorry for the plug but you've more readers than we have.

Swearing Mother said...

Hello again KP, missed you loads.

I love the deckchair pic, I expect that would that be about a million quid to buy?

Great to see you back.