Wednesday, 12 March 2008

nice out

I know everyone is wittering on about the weather, but having just got back from the beach I have to say despite the wind and rain, it's magnificent down there today.

The wind is what Norfolk folk call a 'Lazy Wind'. It's too lazy to go round you, so it goes straight through. Stumbling along into it is like having prolonged ice-cream-brain-freeze. Add abrasive qualities of seemingly jet propelled sand, small stones, dried sea-weed and rubbish, and you won't be needing to exfoliate for a week or two.
I'm having to think hard to describe the wind, mainly because I was hypnotised by the light. Fabulous shafts, like spotlights flashing through the clouds. Every moment a new image is lit up, then disappears, like watching mackerel flash near the surface in August.

I'm going to try and paint something inspired by the weather later. The thought of trying to capture something of the elements always excites, but the butterfly's of inadequacy are waiting to creep in at any moment. Repeat after me; less is more, less is more..........
I suppose that's part of the thrill.

To change tack for a moment, the elements have created their own collage behind the old sea defences here. A sudden collection of sea-borne rubbish has been formed by wind and tide into a
a seductive muddle of shape and colour.
There must be a way of making something cool and arty from it.........the cogs are turning.


beachfreak said...

Cromer Pier's fun.....almost got blown off. Couldn't see any stunning shafts of light thanks to the thousands of grains of sand which took up residence between my eyeballs and contact lenses.

And the dog was really pissed off when I took her up to Cart Gap at dawn. She was all 'what the fuck are we doing here then?' while spitting out the sand.

Lovely though, reminds us of our frailties.

GoneBackSouth said...

The amazing light really comes through in the photo.

Swearing Mother said...

Ooh, I'd have loved to have been down by the sea while it's been so stormy. I'm the sort of person that can't resist going down to the water just to have a look - the sort the rescue services call a pain in the arse.

I know you should stay in unless your journey is absolutely necessary when there's a serious gale blowing, but sometimes it just IS necessary, don't you think?

beachfreak said...

SM you're so right, getting sand blasted and wind lashed occasionally is utterly necessary, good for the soul and spiritually healing.

Suffin like that anyways.

knifepainter said...

Makes me feel really minor in the scale of things.
Helpful to be reminded of ones place in the world.