Saturday, 22 March 2008


Today marks a year since the start of this blog.

The rambling chronicle of my days and work was begun in a fit of pique. I was convinced that to avoid lonely, ear-off, VanGoghesque mentalism, I needed to reach out into the world and tell people that I exist.

With no planning and hardly any idea about what I would/wouldn't say, no real sense of how much to reveal of myself, or whether anyone would read the results, I just rattled the keys and blagged away at it.

I'm proud of the resulting electronic refuge I have created for myself. It's not all good, it's not all very considered, but it is all straight off the bat.

I love the fact I can rant on here, or that I can get a bit sentimental and too arty from time to time, but the thing I love the most is the supportive, funny, considered, rude, flirty and occasionally filthy comments left by friends both old and new.

Thank you to those of you who's faces I can conjure instantly to mind.
You are, as always, deeply loved and appreciated. Not least for your support of yet another example of my unpredictable, and sometimes difficult to live with creativity.

To my electricfriends, I genuinely appreciate the time you spend dropping in to check out my wafflings. Judging by the map you are spread far and wide across four continents........a fact that astounds me.
Some of you......Smack, Kitty, Sally, Sweary, Gone-Back, Hangar Queen, Travelling-geezer,.........have become regular contributors, I always get a buzz reading your comments, my love and thanks to you for making the effort.

As my daughter would say; "I'm feeling you".



beachfreak said...

Happy birthday.

Thanks for sharing it all. Top blogging.

sally in norfolk said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.... I'm feling you too lol

love reading your blog too :-)
love looking at my painting every night too :-)

travelling, but not in love said...

Happy Anniversary KP. I'm looking forward to seeing another year's worth. And you know, I look forward to seeing your art / photography as much as the words. Even though you do have a bias in your nudes towards women. ha ha.

Joyeuse anniversaire, mon brave.


Swearing Mother said...

Love your blog, your art, your your goodself too! Love your humour most of all.

Looking forward to more of the same KP.


Kitty said...

God damn Mr Horse, I wanna feel you all over...and over and over...

Paint me biatch!

Paul said...

Happy anniversary to yrou blog, good to meet you on Saturday, can't wait to see the 3 kids on canvas.

knifepainter said...

Freak, thanks for your support as ever.

Sally, nice to know you still love the painting ! X

TBNIL, sorry for the bias, I'll see what I can do.....I have some male studies somewhere.....!

SM, ta very much, more coming up. X

Kitty, get over here and lay on my Chaise......X

Paul, a pleasure.....the portraits are coming along nicely.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Sorry I missed your anniversary...I love your paintings, especially the one Sally in Norfolk has..:-)