Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Been away......


It's a long way from here.

However, the place is beautiful. Please excuse the sloppy montage of the view across Loch Tummell above, but I thought it was high time I got back into the saddle and wrote something. So did it in a hurry.
We stayed in a cottage at a place called Glen Isla, north of Dundee. Fantastic views, loads of heather/sheep/rain..........even narrower roads than Norfolk !

We were out and about every day. I think we covered nearly five hundred miles in and around Angus and Fife. Occasionally we came across the odd less than salubrious place, like the eatery below...............sadly we didn't have time to stop for a cuppa.

On the whole I think Norfolk could learn a lot from the Scottish approach to tourism. Just for a start, the roadsigns, road surfaces and parking, were all better.
Another thing that was really obvious as we came home, was the slightly dishevelled look to the English countryside. All the walls, hedges, and gates I saw up north, (including Northumberland) were noticeably better kept than a lot of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk.
The Scottish Glens, and lowland farms were, by and large, very neat. Maybe it's more rain or some other environmental factor, but the whole feeling was of diligent maintenance, and things being done to last.

I'm sure we'll be going back.

I suddenly realised today, we have been back a week, but it has taken this long to answer the e-mails and ansaphone messages, unpack the clothes, take my dear Mum home, and start to figure out what's next.

More on that note soon.


Miriam said...

Hello Knifepainter, I've read your blog but not commented before. You remind me of our Irish (south) thoughts on the road back from Northern Ireland. In our case, a lot of road signs don't even point the right way, loads of places don't have signs, and somehow a lot of people think it's "cute".Same thoughts go for road surfaces and parking,mimi

sally in norfolk said...

welcome home.... x

Swearing Mother said...

Great to have you back KP, you've been missed!

travelling, but not in love said...

Hey KP - nice to see you back posting. The Savoy looks quite special...I can't believe you didn;t pop in for a slice of botulism.....

knifepainter said...

Hi Miriam, thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts. Sounds like I'd feel right at home over there !

Thank you Sally x.

SM, that's nice. I'm gonna try and be a bit more regular again now !

TBNIL, trust me, you really, really wouldn't !

Kitty said...

mr horse.

oh. the things i could do to you today.


Kitty said...
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knifepainter said...

Hey Kitty!
thanks honey ! x

Don't know who left a comment and then deleted it......that seems a bit bloody rude to me.