Friday, 5 September 2008

i'm trying a new approach

to selling the work -


I have bought and sold a few everyday items over the past year, so I reckon it might be worth a go. It might just be luck, but I have had nothing but good experiences with it so far. I seriously hope that things don't change now. Here is a link if you fancy a look.

Plans are also afoot to get some things organised at the shop for Christmas. (SORRY, I know it's WAY too early to mention the C word, but I'm only bringing it up to make you understand that I have not been just sitting on my backside all week).

In fact, in other news, I went back to Gatwick in the early hours of yesterday to pick up my friends. (See the post 'long day' below). They landed safely at 4.47am. Sadly their holiday was a bit of a trial, they won't be going back to Morocco for an all inclusive pool holiday anytime soon, but there was no aircraft drama. Praise be.

Oh by the way, for you local folks interested in life drawing, the next six week series of classes begins next Tuesday, (The 9th). For more details, drop me a line.

The piece at the top of the post is a quick sketch of the achingly beautiful Claire. Trying to do her justice in ten minutes is a very tall order, but this is one of my favorite recent attempts.

Back soon. x


Kitty said...

oh my god you are so talented.


hornay alot.

knifepainter said...

Ta Hon.

You a lady of leasure again I hear ?

sally in norfolk said...

Good luck with the Ebay project will be interesting to see how it goes :-)

knifepainter said...

Hi sally, thanks for dropping by.

I hope the ebay thing is a flyer, the difficulty is in how you list the stuff.....loads of painters/dealers on there. x

sally in norfolk said...

shame i don't live closer would be good to have a painting done... just with my walking boots on lol if i was brave enough x

kimba said...

Heya Knifepainter.. have you had a look at

Predominantly handmade and artisan products - HUGE artist community - it's kind of like Ebay - although the artist sets the price and there is no bidding.

I have bought a couple of pieces of art on there recently..

knifepainter said...

Well sally, I do travel with my easel........!

Hi Kimba, thanks for that......I'll go and have a look directly.

Nice to see a new name on the comments.

travelling, but not in love said...

great picture. I'll be checking out the ebay stuff too...

the all inclusive holiday concept scares me - it's like some kind of land-based cruise. All of those people that you can never escape! My idea of hell....

knifepainter said...

You should try one TNIL, think of it as cathartic !
Thanks for dropping by.