Saturday, 7 March 2009

that'll be a new hard drive then......................

It just goes to show, threats of violence only work temporarily. The laptop really was poorly, very poorly.
Having now had the techno equivalent of a heart and lung transplant, the dear thing is on fire. Fast, steady, dare I say reliable !!! Outstanding.

In other news, I have been mostly teaching for the last couple of weeks. Covering for illness.......... a bit like fire fighting, you feel suitably heroic doing it, but you can get a bit smoke damaged.

Now we are out of February, things are speeding up alarmingly. Open Studios is looming in to view. I think I will have enough work done, but I would like to be embarrased by the amount, rather than trying to convince visitors that the use of white space in a gallery is essential to show the work at it's best !

The life drawing class is up and going well, the piece at the top is really a study of hips legs and feet, I was feeling a bit colour-radical, and I reckon I got away with it.........


Kitty said...

love this one sammy!


knifepainter said...

Why thank you Kitty my love.
Nice to hear from you. XX

Southern Vixen said...

When you first "appeared" to be a visitor on my blog, I thought you were just some cool guy who could paint. But now I know that you are a painter. And a cool guy. Your paintings are amazing. Being a healthy, God-fearing, bisexual woman, I love looking at the way you paint the female form. You make us beautiful.

And I thank you for that!
Much love, Darlin'.

knifepainter said...

Hi SoVix, thanks for your compliments, as far as the coolness goes, my teenage kids would laugh at the notion of me being cool !
In regard to the work, I'm very happily obsessed, which I find helps a lot. x