Wednesday, 15 June 2011

in the pink

Busy times.......

The work is progressing, with three small paintings finished and half a dozen decent drawings pointing the way towards more complete things in the near future.

There are more than a few balls in the air in other areas. The new life drawing class started last Saturday, with two new students. I have the promise of at least four for this coming Saturday.
If you are local and fancy two hours of drawing between 12.00 and 2.00pm, feel free to get in touch.

In other news, The Atrium, a new community partnership building on the North Walsham High School site is nearing completion. Exciting plans are afoot to make it the centre of new endevours for our local area. Music, drama, visual arts, cinema and dance are just the obvious starting points. I will try and keep you all posted as things develop.

Back soon................

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