Saturday, 4 June 2011

more vigour

The beach painting at the top was the result of a fabulously sunny day hereabouts yesterday.
The main reason for painting it, other than the weather, was to test out a new additive to my paint. It is an impasto medium, which allows me to slap the paint on thicker.
On balance, I am happy with the result and will be experimenting further with it on a larger scale with the nudes.

Below are two swiftly executed sketches from the studio last wekend. More today I hope !!


walrus21 said...

Sam, I think I want to buy the beach painting ... is it dry yet?

xxxx Sally

knifepainter said...

No it's still a little stick. Regarding the purchase price, I owe you some rent so I'm sure we can come to some mutually beneficial arrangement !!!

Naked One said...

These are gorgeous! Thrilling colours and delicious paint. I'm very worried what will happen to such lovely work during an MA...

harada57 said...
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