Friday, 13 April 2007


I set myself a couple of tasks at the turn of last year, one of which was to do some drawing every day.
On the face of it, that didn't seem too much of a challenge. However, this week for the first time since January, I have missed two consecutive days.
I have to say I'm more than slightly annoyed with myself. The week has just got more and more compressed, and I feel like I'm just flapping and not getting much done.

My BIG thing at the moment is an event called Open Studios, which is getting ever nearer. By the 18th of may I need to have the walls of my studio heaving with new work. The hope is that an adoring art buying public will then pour through the open door, buy everything in sight, and the kids can have new shoes and branded cereal............(as long as I get the little plastic toy)

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