Friday, 27 April 2007

Edited highlights

Frantic painting this week, mostly from Friday night's trip to Norwich, (see post below).

These sketches, and a detail from a finished canvas, are just a taste of the subject. I'm pretty wrapped up in trying to get the essence of the place/people into the finished work.

Off again for another look tonight, so more next week.

Mad rush, so coherent words are not really on the cards, I'll try and be more lucid over the weekend.


Ana Banana said...

I love the abstraction going on in this painting...the colors very nice and the suggestion of light is wonderful. How do you paint these girls while they are moving?! and are people watching you as you paint? maybe I imagine wrong? are these painted in studio or gentleman's club?

Beautiful gestural sketches, too. I love this theme and am eager to see where you go with it, Sam.

knifepainter said...

The sketches are done in the club, then I make the painting back in my studio.

I have also been experimenting with a really tiny digital camera to get the colours and lighting.....sort of ending up with a combination of gesture, colour and mood in the finished work.

I don't mind people watching me work, lots of positive comments from everyone in the club.