Monday, 18 June 2007

Hey it's Monday night already

Very up and down few days. Extreme weather (North Norfolk appears to have drifted south into the monsoon belt). Lots of admin tasks, then Fathers Day yesterday.

Woke up early, head filled with images and thoughts of my late father.

Instantly knew it would be best to get straight out of bed to do the whole "commune with nature" thing.

15 minutes later I was making those Robinson Crusoe footprints, alone on miles of empty sand, squinting into the white flare of early morning.

During the next hour I made a series of good images, including the one above.
The extra focus of emotional upheaval nearly always makes me work harder to get things right.
Maybe it's the cathartic process of viewing life through my own little controlled rectangle. Excluding or including at will.
Simple unequivocal aesthetics the only consideration.

I returned home to a card made by my kids, and an unnecessarily enormous bar of chocolate.
Top day.


Ana Banana said...

Happy Belated Father's DAY, SAM! Sorry I wasn't here to wish you it on Sunday...actually, I thought it was only an American holiday...

yes, walking on the beach, your thoughts, and nature...very cathartic process for me, too. That is where I always head when I am in need of comfort.

Glad your kids gave you a lovely surprise!

cheers, my friend...

knifepainter said...

Chocolate all gone now, I did sahre it though !