Sunday, 10 June 2007


Some of you will be aware of two regular commentators here; Beachfreak and Gingerwitch.
Well, they got hitched yesterday, in a quietly beautiful, laid back, civil ceremony at a near-by stately home.

Herself and I have not enjoyed a wedding so much since our own, and we've been to a fair few.

Heartfelt thanks for asking us to be part of your celebration. There can rarely have been such a vibrant, loving, joyous hootenanny in all the two hundred plus years of the house's existence.

If, as some people believe, outpourings of human emotion leave a permanent trace in buildings and places, Wolterton Hall will echo with laughter music and dancing on the night of the 9th of June, every year forever more.


Ana Banana said...

OH! Congratulations Beachfreak and Gingerwitch! That is beautiful! May you both share love, laughter and lightness for a long time to come!

coyotemike said...

It's so good when two people find each other.

beachfreak said...

The freak feels like a washed-up piece of beach glass, buffeted by the sand and the waves. The witch is sober at last - it was always going to take a while.

We may have done all the organising, the paying and the 'I do' stuff, but it would have been nowt without the good people who came, the family, the friends, all of them.

'The most pissed bride I've ever seen' - the cabbie.
The secret naughty pics taken in the dark at the end of the gravel walk.
The cider man snoring in the downstairs loo.
'Don't worry, if there's any innuendo in my speech I'll whip it out' - the best man.

Thanks everyone, wonderful.

And I've bagged a cracking bird to boot.

knifepainter said...

Here's to the honeymoon.......keep the witch away from the bubbly !!

Miss Evie-D's Mum said...

Echo those sentiments entirely. Have known Gingerwitch for some 30 years and have never seen her look so beautiful and happy (or pissed for that matter!). Congratulations all round. xx