Thursday, 5 July 2007

Salthouse 07 exhibition.

Deeply funky pink piano.

Cool Mike Rhodes figures.

Part of a beautiful screen made by an artist from Barrington Farm, Walcott.

The dude called Zacron forgets to take his hat off in church, but makes up for it by becoming a temporary installation.

I was one of a team of volunteers running the bar at the private view for Salthouse 07 last night, so between bouts of frantic wine glass washing I managed to get a look round

The show consists mainly of painting, with the odd installation dotted about here and there. (The pink piano being the funkiest thing there in my opinion).

The village of Salthouse lies between Cley and Sheringham on the A149 Coast Road. The exhibition is in the church, (hugely obvious on the hill above the village), 10.30 - 5.30, and entrance is free.

In the main I think the show is worthy rather than inspiring, but worth a visit if you in that neck of the woods before the 5th of August (when it finishes).

Go here; for more information. (I guess they will be updating any time now).


beachfreak said...

Have you got anything in this?

Have missed Salthouse for a couple of years, really must make our way up there this year.

knifepainter said...

Not for me.......not sure how most of my stuff would go down in a church..................but thinking about it, that's probably just an excuse !