Monday, 24 September 2007

Meet Jack

This fella is the reason why there have been no posts over the weekend.

A year ago our dear old Staffordshire called Snorks had a stroke and had to go off to the big Kennel in the sky. She was 14 and had been a puppy when our daughter was born.
After twelve months of deliberation we decided, on seeing a picture of Jack on a re-homing charity website, to go and take a look at him.

To cut to the chase, after a 250 mile round trip to Lincolnshire, he's got a new family.

He's a darling in the house, and like all Staff's he thinks it's his job to love every person he meets. He needs a bit of work on his social skills with other dogs, but as he's only twoish I think he can be educated.

Oh yeah, he's also very handsome and knows it !


beachfreak said...

Gorgeous boy.

You are, of course, welcome to use Poppy in the educational process required. Probably best to meet on the beach first by the sounds of things!

Soz said...

AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! He is beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition. Kisses from Aunty Soz x x

knifepainter said...

Freak, we'll be doing that carefully very soon. Thanks mate.

Soz, you're as soft as shite. Thats why we love you ! xx (Thanks).

photogdownunder said...

A very good looking boy, and he sounds familiar,a very similar personality to someone we all know. So anyway have you sniffed around many lamp-posts recently Knifepainter?

Anonymous said...

Hi all what a great looking staffy and lovely addition to your family. Unfortunately won't be able to bring him to Turkey!!! Love you you all.. L & J

Josh said...

I love Saffy's and Jack sure is a great looking dog.

I was lucky to grow up with bull terrier crossed with a red cattle dog. She had the best temprament of any dog I have ever met.

Well done on making the effort to take on an established dog. Sounds like he has landed on his feet.

Anonymous said...

Impressive mate. Looking forward to fun on the beach with him. You must be proud. Very jealous!!!
See you soon


Snapper said...

Good looking Staffy that. Looks like he could be a bit of a hand full.

I keep thinking I should have another Staffy, Now that our Rotty has gone to the great kennel in the sky.

knifepainter said...

Hey photog, less of the lip....I have fresh pictures of you in shorts....

Hello Lorraine, nice of you to drop in, love to all yours too. Maybe we could get Jack a passport....

Josh, He's worth a bit of work.

Mr Sheds !!Hi mate, yeah he will keep us amused I'm sure.

Snapper, nice of you to drop in mate. I didn't know that Rotty had left the building. Shame, but they do get old.
Your eye is as keen as ever. He's a good lad, but a proper handful at the moment.
The local cats are all being sprint tested as they jump over into our yard !

Snapper said...

Yep sadley Rotty has gone.

Had a grand & half of vets bills sorting out various problems and then during her recovery she started to limp on one of her back legs. this got worse and worse and in the end we found out she have bone cancer.

Not much could be done at her age, tried managing the pain but she went down hl very quickly and we was left with no other option.

Just got the Jack Russell Terrorist left now.

beachfreak said...

More pics required of the hound please...

I'm sure you've taken some. Don't be shy now.

knifepainter said...

OK Freak.......asap, logistics are taking over my life !