Monday, 3 September 2007

Wayside Weirdness

Wishy Washy in neon, not a description of something insipid or lacking in substance, but a late night lit up enticement to cleaner whites.

McDowells, self explanatory commercial don't-care-ism. Outstanding.

Turkey, a heady mix of eastern instinct and western avarice.


photogdownunder said...

Good luck with your exhibition Knifepainter, sorry we be there in person for moral support this time, but we will be with you in spirit (well single malt anyway!)This wayside wierdness feature is great, it's got me causing all sorts of mayhem in NZ, pulling over to the side of the road at every opportunity - there are 4x4's and campervans with squealing brakes everywhere! Not to mention a few choice words from my three co-drivers!

knifepainter said...

Thanks mate. I'll be posting some of your great Southern hemisphere weirdness asap.
Nice to hear that the kids are improving their spoken English !