Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I need a moment of your time

The cherub in this picture is variously referred to here as The Firstborn, or The Evil One, or occasionally I even use her name.

I'm fairly sure that this picture was taken in the summer of 1995, we lived inland at the time, and Herself was eight months pregnant with Laughing boy.

Now to the point of this rambling.
I need you to help me convince the now teenage Evil One that I'm right.........Okay, okay, I can hear the snorts of your derision from here. Oh ha ha you say, convince a teenage girl that her Dad is correct. Right after you cure the common cold and fly through the air using only your arms and the power of weeeeeeeee, you giggle.

Well, I think weight of numbers and the very fact that your opinions are not mine, could swing it.

The issue in question is this;

Girls look better Curvy than Boney.

The poll is on the right, don't let me down.


travelling, but not in love said...

girls = curvy. men = meaty.

It's a no-brainer. I don't know any men who like boney women. But I do know lots of boney women who wish they were curvier.

Not that you have a hope in hell of convincing a teenage girl though. Good luck with that one.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Why do they have to grow up????? I look at photos of my older two as toddlers and wonder where the years have gone. They are both lovely lads who, to date, haven't really given me any trouble but those days when the world is a wonderful fascinating place are long gone. I have no idea how I will cope with the daughter as a teenager - I will be positively geriatric by then.

Good luck on the poll - I have voted......

BTW, looks like you will be coming across number 2 son next year - he is very keen to do photography. You will love him - he has got a great sense of humour and is bright as a button. He might need sitting on occasionally though.....

knifepainter said...

TBNIL, yep, but it is a debate that we are gonna have anyway !

MMoF, scary innit ! I'll keep a weather eye open for the lad. I'm sure he will respond well to my special torture techniques.....

beachfreak said...

I know many beautiful women. They are all curvy.

I know a fair few boney women. None of them are beautiful.

sally in norfolk said...

curvy wins every time x

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Bloody hell Beach, none of them IS beautiful...... That means I must be extra specially gorgeous!!!!!!!

beachfreak said...

Actually, I do know ONE non-curvy woman who is beautiful, dead gorgeous in fact, right nice.

But she'd be even yummier if she was curvier.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Glad you corrected yourself...... The same thought did cross my mind.

ginger witch said...

The trouble is, the world, me included on many occasions, is obsessed with celebrity and who is thin, fat or whatever. And while I have got to the stage where I realise half the world is also airbrushed to within an inch of their lives and probably very boring, it's still there to haunt you day and night if you let it. I am beginning to realise why my husband gets so frustrated at seeing glossy mags about the hosue and not wanting our own two gorgeoous girls, six anf nearly five, to see them. They start young these days on all that stuff!!! Anyway, it's curvy for me every time, and that's not jsut because I am far from thin with a good pair of norks!!!!

Soz - Die Hard Dieter said...

She is as gorgeous now as she was then, bless her.

Unfortunately, and I speak about myself here too, it is easy to convince a girly of any age that other girlies look better curvy - I think it is the pesky mirrors that we all seem to have that somehow make us see that the rule does not apply to us....we just need lovely husbands/Dads/good friends to keep trying to convince us otherwise.

Hope you can persuade her and looking forward to seeing you all soon. x x

Swearing Mother said...

Curvy is OK, just not too curvy. You'll never convince a teenage girl that a few extra pounds will suit her, and anyway as she gets older mother nature has a habit of giving them to you anyway.

The trouble is, clothes do look better on skinny birds, and that's what drives our poor children to starve themselves. We all know that, for instance, Posh looked better with a bit of meat on her, but she doesn't care about that. For her, skinny equals gorgeous.

Who was is that said you can't be too rich or too thin? They've got a lot to answer for.

KP, fancy coming over to mine to give me your life story in six words? It's not a meme, I promise you. Just want to see what you make of this.


GoneBackSouth said...

Let your teen enjoy being bony, do-good dad, the curves will come in their own good time. I like your blog, good for you for supporting local artists. Highly entertaining rants too. And thanks for your comments on my new blog - it would be most kind of you to put me on your list! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Curvy curvy all the way, as the owner of a large chest i have never had to worry about my shoes, i have said this to 'evil one' many times, one day she will realise that what she has is good.A smile goes along way to but we both know that is asking way too much....
suzyf36 (forgotten password)

theblognik said...

Girls look better happy, and well. If that means curvy, good for them.

I'm going to be discordant here. I prefer skinny. It's probably a Peter Pan complex thing. Can't get past my teenage years, back when we were all fit, and trying to get along. My girlfriends were mates, people to have fun with and dig in the ribs, not comfy places to rest my head. The more curvy things get, the further I get from my feminist credentials. (Believe it or not, I have had such things... and in the space of one post, look set to lose them...)

Back to my original point. Being "Not what Dad says" is not bad. Quite the opposite: it's "Being me" by the Logic of Teenage Negatives.

Boys don't know what they like. Probably everything. Better if girls make the decisions for them. Girls can usually be trusted to calibrate the whole system, in my blundering experience.

And there will be a wonderful Dad, worthy of a hug, because he has failed to understand just like the boyfriend did, but has always been much cooler.

Does that help? No? Oh. Sorry!

knifepainter said...

Hey Blognik, I love the comment, but you appear to have misunderstood my request.......

Never mind all that bollocks, BACK ME UP PLEASE.


theblognik said...


It was 3am bollocks indeed.

You're well and truly backed up, mate!

And Igot here too late to delete what I posted last night, which is a worry cos I'm sure I write some other shite and now I've got to go through your whole site seeing where I might have offended anyone.

It's a good job your site is so much fun to go through!

Keep feeding the kids.


knifepainter said...

No worries at all mate, you're part of it being fun.

Love to all.

Ian said...

Hiya Sam

Came to this too late to vote, but if I had my say, curvier is way better than bonier.

Of course, I believe you have been in the same room as me when I have commented on various women that are curvier and sexier.

You just have to look at someone like Nigella Lawson (yummy, lots to hold onto) v. Victoria Beckham (ugh, bones sticking out, must be ill.)

Swearing Mother said...

What you doing Knifepainter, it's gone all quiet?