Friday, 29 February 2008

Pleasantly surprised

So Harry is on his way back from the Hindu Kush then.
I have to say that I think it was exactly the right thing to do for him to go and be part of the operational role of his unit. His credibility as a young officer would have been completely undermined if he had not taken part.
Some of the squaddies I heard interviewed on the radio seemed to have a genuine affection for the man. While I don't imagine that the army would put a soldier on the radio who was critical of Harry, those I heard sounded authentically impressed with him as a young officer.
In my experience, respect and professional compliments are not lightly, or easily bestowed by the British serviceman.

It's a bit of a shame that the cat got out of the bag early, but I am filled with a warm fuzzy glow that my former colleagues of the British Fourth Estate were not in this case culpable.
Given the current penchant for endless serial inquiries into the sad, accidental and ultimately wasteful death of his mother, I think that there may have been some less than altruistic motives behind the silence of the Red-Tops ............but it's the thought that counts.

The painting at the top has absolutely nothing do do with any of this, but I am partial to a nice arse.


Manic Mother Of Five said...

Broadly with you on this one - it was so sad whe he said how much he had enjoyed the anonymity of the last 10 weeks. Chances are he will NEVER experience that again.....

Great painting but the poor lady look mightily uncomfortable. You could at least given her a pillow!

GoneBackSouth said...

I did wonder about the connection between that butt and prince Harry ... but you cleared that up at the end, so that's okay.

Snapper - Jamie Jones said...

The British press had agreed to keep it under raps. and it was a big mouthed American press that let it out as an exclusive.

I think that it was a missed opportunity of the British army.

They should have said Yes He is here and based at Location X. And then set up a massive ambush as the might of the Taliban turns up to have a dig.

Although I do wonder if the info was given to the American Media knowing that they would not be able to keep their mouth shut, giving them an excuse to pull Harry out early in a blaze of glory.

It all looks a bit over stage managed to me. More spin that the earth going around the sun IMHO.

Anyway nice painting is it called the 'headless nude' ? lol.

Swearing Mother said...

Nice arse indeed.

Re Harry: Felt a bit sorry for him, for whatever reason his cover was blown he didn't look too happy to be back. Just shows you what kind of a man he really is, obviously likeable and a bit of a lad. We are fed such crap by the papers it's hard to know what to believe, but I am sure his Mum would be so proud of him.

travelling, but not in love said...

Well, most important things first, I like the painting. A lot. Great work.

Secondly, Harry Schmarry. He did a good thing, but did it warrant 'He's coming home!' headlines and a four page spread minimum in the quality press? Maybe not.

Well done him, but really. It'd be better if they did a four page spread on the ordinary soldiers who put their lives in danger daily - in far worse situations than the boy Harry found himself in.

None of those boys can say 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' and find themselves back in Blighty within hours....

knifepainter said...

All good fair points folks.

To answer a couple of legitimate points ;

The lady most certainly NOT uncomfortable.....

Gotta go with the ambush idea Snapper, that was my first
thought !

Harry's Mum would be proud of him. I don't even know the bloke and I'm proud of him.

As for the I'm a Celebrity thing, I get the feeling he would rather be back in the Ulu than Chelsea Barracks, but I can think of a few places where the ability to summon up a quick chopper to foxtrot oscar would be right handy.