Thursday, 17 April 2008

inspiration means never having to say relax

There is a phrase that describes how I felt while working this evening;
In the zone.
I know, embarrassingly hackneyed, over dramatic, even possibly a little too transatlantic, but I can't construct anything that comes closer to how I felt.

The sheer joy of finding a straight uncluttered connection between eye and brush is hard to beat. All the stupid things went well; the paint felt like double cream, the strokes fell unerringly into place, I didn't care that I was never going to cover every inch of the surface.

Best of all, I felt that for once I was confidently doing justice to the beauty of the model, like kicking a rugby ball and knowing it will find touch, or diving into a swimming pool and knowing that you have hardly caused a splash.

It don't happen often friends, so I'm grinning like an ejit, on my way to making a big G&T, and trying not to think about how I repeat it all tomorrow...........


Soz said...

You have done her justice indeed - this one is gorgeous, as is she of course.
Hope all else is good - miss you all lots. Love to everyone. x x

Swearing Mother said...

You have precisely described how it feels when I write something that just flows, the words form the very patterns I am looking for, I read it over and it just feels right. Complete.

Total direct hit, matey. That is one poetic pic.

knifepainter said...

Hiya Soz ! Thanks for dropping in. Everything as frantic as ever, missin you both too. X

Thanks Sweary, still feel euphoric about this one. X

travelling, but not in love said...

great post, great pic.

It's true - there's nothing so good as the feeling you get when the muse is with you - no matter what it is you're trying to achieve.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

That's more like it....... Very elegant..... Not a very good ary word I know but she is.....

Sarah said...

found your blog through Wife in the North-
I thoroughly subscribe to your outlook- I feel a medium to whatever is willing to work its way through- sometimes good, sometimes not.
I particularly love the portrait of the children- full of life and character.Stay in that zone!