Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Getting a reality check

I painted this portrait a few weeks ago. The subject is a good friend of mine, Paul Robinson.

Like me Paul is, in no particular order, a painter, father, and husband. Son, brother, self-employed person etc.

I was in town today and dropped in to have a chat with him. As usual we blathered on about art, holidays, (lack of), our families, painting, gallery space, acrylics -v-oils, feeling winter worn and jaded. Also covered were new technology, broadband, house prices, this blog, and no-doubt several other topics which have since slipped my mind...........and that's my point.

We covered all that stuff in an hour or more's chat and banter. I left him, as usual, not caring that we had failed to reach any real conclusions or solutions, but strangely happy that we could just pick up where we left off the next time I drop in.

Thanks Paul.

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