Thursday, 29 March 2007

More scenery

A commission that has just left me for it's new home.

Not naked ladies, but I'm still rather fond of it.


beachfreak said...

I gather there's some sort of artistic struggle, combined with a snobbery, about subject matter in the world in which you operate. But that's not something which those of us who write words instead of painting pictures really understand.
But suffice to say I'm enjoying your landscapes enormously at the moment. A while back I thought it was going to be naked people and nothing else for ever and a day.
Which is no bad thing of course, I enjoy the unclothed thing enormously, especially the embodiment of female power. But the other work is fantastic at the moment and you should be told as much.
Obviously at the first sight of a windmill I'll take this blog off my favourites! Unless it's dead funky of course.

knifepainter said...

Wow !..........a veritable essay my freaky friend!

I know you speak the truth. Maybe I just wasn't feeling the urge to do the seascape thing. Don't know where it's going, but we'll hang on and see.

Ana Banana said...

This is stunning!

Your landscape painting is out of this world beautiful! Not to say that your naked ladies aren't as well, but there's something in these landscapes that I am particularly awed by...

colors are fabulous...brushwork, reflective light -- beautiful and serene.

knifepainter said...

Pleased you like it ana, thanks as always for your supportive comments.

I think I get spoilt looking at the geography round here. Somehow I think it doesn't really sink in.

Snapper said...

Thankyou very much for the painting, which arrived today. The pictures you emailed me looked superb, which made me decide to by it.

But to be honest the pictures didn’t do the painting justice, there is nothing like the real thing when looking at the genuine article. It is just simply stunning. The warmth of tones just radiates out of the painting in jaw-dropping beauty.

Within twenty minutes of receiving it I had it hung on the wall, pride of place in my lounge. Although I was concerned about having a seascape in the lounge, because you often find that they don’t add warmth by their very nature. Just goes to prove how wrong you could be.

I have been sitting on sofa tonight with a bottle of Taylors 10 year old Tawny Port admiring your exceptional ability to capture such atmosphere on canvas.

What more can I say? Fantastic.

I can’t wait for your other painting to arrive.

Many Thanks


Ms Smack said...

Oh wow, Snapper is the lucky owner of this piece. We have sunsets like this on the coast of Australia.

You've captured it beautifullly.

Sarah (Soz) said...

Me again. I have just being working backwords on your posts and just had to tell you how much I love this one. It really is just beautiful. I don't have anything technial to offer about why I think it is brilliant but I just know that looking at it makes me well up, you have captured something really amazing, further proof of how brilliant all your stuff is. Love it.x x

knifepainter said...

Thanks Soz, "welling up" is a perfectly acceptable response.

Thanks for your support. X