Thursday, 31 May 2007


Sorry about the lack of stuff, things have been a bit convoluted for a couple of days.

Myself and Jenny Rumens have been bravely manning the studio, despite gales and rain. As it happens, there have been some buyers about so we have not wasted our time.
Thanks again to everyone who has ignored the weather to come and see, family and friends especially.

Yesterday I even managed to do a bit of work. The result is this small canvas of one of the dancers.
It's a more finished version of the pastel I did of Scarlett.
(Posted as "Bank holiday" on May 8th).

The end of Open Studios is in sight, it's been a success despite the surreal weather, and as always the public bring new eyes and opinions which give us the perspective needed to avoid horrible incidents of Emperors new clothery.

I thank you all.


Ana Banana said...

Hello Sam. Lovely image!
By the way, I love watching your visitor location map grow. You are gaining world-wide blogger appeal I see!

knifepainter said...

Hi ana, thanks for stopping by. Pleased you like the painting.

Yeah the map is pretty cool. I think you were my first hit from the U.S. so it's even nicer that you keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Myself and your partner very much appriated the hot cup of tea that awaited us in your studio, after we had braved hills (ok slopes) and fog cycling to see you.
Once again your talent has amazed me.
love suzyf36.xxxx

knifepainter said...

Thanks suzy. Your lack of fear braving the sea fog on your bike amazed me !! XXXX

Ana Banana said...

Yes, I keep coming back, Sam. You have a lifelong blogger fan. And I am happy to make your California hits grow.

knifepainter said...

I keep telling people here I'm big in California......they don't believe me but I think it sounds really cosmopolitan and 'arty".