Friday, 18 May 2007

Tonight, tonight........

This is it then, private view tonight.

It all looks pretty good, my paintings, Jenny Rumens sculpture and furniture. All we need is our adoring public...........

If you are reading this and can get along, feel free to join us; 6.00 till 9.00, Beacon Farm Trimingham, NR11 8DZ.

Look forward to seeing you.


snapper said...

best of luck.

knifepainter said...

Thanks mate.

beachfreak said...

Real pleasure being there tonight. I now have the advantage of a quiet house (sleeping sprogs, witch out on the razz) and will take the chance of informing those unable to attend of what's on offer.

Red wine lovely, fizzy pink not quite dry enough for me. Presence of cake genius, stopped smallest sprog talking non stop.

No, wait, wrong subject.

Art, that's it.

This is your third year of OS, is that right? Goes without saying it's better every year. But the Spearmint work brings it up yet another level on top of the improvement I guess we've come to expect. Love the darkness, the way it verges on seedy but is too full on and colourful to be awkward to look at. Quite the reverse. The dancing girl in the blue dress is, I think, my favourite of the whole lot. The whole concept of Spearmint is fantastic and I think you owe a debt of honour to those who have made it possible! You have quite clearly hit on something.

Jenny's work really adds to the feel of the show, I imagine I should use the word 'depth' or something like it. I guess the sculpture is the key element of her stuff, but I can't get enough of those beach glass tables.

All rounded off beautifully outdoors by the fast change of blue to black sky - and I should admit, rather shamefully, to being far more over excited than the kids about the double rainbow dropping down straight into the sea over the cliff top.

I'll bugger off now before anyone suggests I get my own blog to post rambling messages like this on.

Great stuff, hope it all goes well.

knifepainter said...

Your genuine thoughtful comments are much appreciated my friend.

As always it was a pleasure to see you and yours.

I thought the rainbow was a really lovely moment.....made me think of my Dad.

Big Love to you Ed.


P.S. Do you think you should start a blog of some sort ???

gingerwitch said...

I think he spends enough time on here already!!!

Anyway we came, we adored!!!! Really lovely stuff, make sire you go and see it everyone!

Ana Banana said...

Beautiful painting, Sam. I love the colors in this one and the simplicity of form. Great! Glad your viewing went well! Congratulations.