Thursday, 2 August 2007

been a while........

Modern life, it's a bit busy innit ?

I have been remiss, it has been FAR too long since I posted. There are loads of reasons, none of which were interesting enough to write about.
One of my blogging rules of thumb is to not say anything if I have nothing to say.

Actually, I have been provoked into writing this post by another website. The cloud in the picture is how black I feel.

Ever tried to buy car insurance on line ? Infuriating isn't it ?

Same shite forms over and over again, only to find that the registration number of your car apparently belongs to an aircraft carrier currently rotting in Murmansk, so no, you cannot have comprehensive cover on your vehicle Mr Robbins.

Bollocks, I thought, and then I made a naive error. I saw an advert for a comparison site. One set of details, price comparison, Bob's your mothers brother.

Then, just when victory was in site, after twelve pages of details, the list of quotes appears........only to vanish and be replaced by an error message informing me that their system is down and I can try again later. ?..................I should fucking say so.


Anonymous said...

Just phone the AA. I use them. So simple and they do all the donkey work for you and every year, they look for the best deals. (No, I havent been paid to put their name about)

Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

You and i need a cider mate in the back garden talking about any old stuff! Hope things perk up!!!

beachfreak said...

Your absence was of deep concern, so your return is most welcome old chap.

You've clearly been at the mercy of one or other black dog (as dear old Winston would say) in the past few days, sorry to hear that.

Black Shuck, Black Shuck, that dog don't give a fuck.

But it will all be repaired. I recommend the beach and some gin.

How cool were the italics?

Almost as good as bolding stuff up.

knifepainter said...

All of you are of course right. Fear not, I'm back.

Freak, you are a master of the keyboard. How do you do that BOLD and ITALIC stuff ?

beachfreak said...

I've been giving myself lessons in that there hypertext markup language.

Bit modern for my tastes.

But quite good fun all the same.

Have a gander

photogdownunder said...

Firstly I would like to say what a fantastic blog this is, with fantastic images. But then I would say that as I'm the other B&W photo (the one with the big ears!) Sorry to hear of all your stress with car insurance, down here in the colonies a years insurance is equivalent to the price of a full tank of fuel in the UK! I'm sure there is a down side to living here, let me finish off my local bottle of red and get back to you.

knifepainter said...

That's it, I'm coming over...

Swearing Mother said...

Ha! I know just how you feel Knifepainter! Just take deep breaths and the red mist will clear - eventually.

knifepainter said...

Mist has not yet insured.....