Monday, 13 August 2007

out and about

Lots of photographic work over the last couple of days, including shooting some seascapes down in Suffolk for a magazine.
The image above was taken at a relatively early hour today, on Dunwich beach. Well worth the 6.00am alarm to get down there and use the light.

Now, those East Anglians amongst you will know of some minor rivalry between the county I hope will one day adopt me (Norfolk), and the place where my wife and daughter were born (Suffolk).
I know parts of both counties well, and try to remain as impartial as I can given the possibilities for domestic mutiny. (Even more likely when you consider that my large strawberry blonde son is Norfolk bred and born).
However, it would appear that Norfolk has won.

WHY ? you ask, CAN'T HAVE ! say you Suffolk folk.

I answer with the unbelievable, scarcely comprehensible fact, that you can't buy Fish and Chips in Southwold at lunchtime.

I don't mean giant chips and Monkfish tails in a balsamic reduction, I don't mean fillet of Sea Bass on a potato rosti, I MEAN COD AND FUCKING CHIPS.

Lets try laying out the facts; Seaside town, Britain, August, many hankies on heads, loads of sand coated kids, legions of panama hatted retired Colonels and Lieutenant Commanders, Labradors, Seagulls and Shore-Crabs, coaches full of ladies purple rinsed to within an inch of their lives..............but no fish and chips.

Seared Tuna and Red Onion Marmalade Panini anyone ?


Swearing Mother said...

I totally agree with you. What a load of b*ll*cks it all is, you can't even get a cheese and onion sandwich round here without some bugger drizzling a port wine and madeira jus all over it and charging you £15 for the privilege! No fish and chips at a seaside town - has the world gone barking mad??

Thanks for visiting my blog today Knifepainter, was feeling a bit fed up to be honest. I'm trying to get some poor unsuspecting editor of a magazine (any magazine, I'm not proud) to have a look at some stuff of mine with a view to me doing the occasional little bit of writing for them. Unfortunately,the computer (or rather email) said no. Ah well, back to the day job. And of course, taking the p*ss out of the locals.

knifepainter said...

Thank YOU for visiting SM.

I have calmed down a bit now, but I was furious yesterday !

As for writing for magazines, what about trying your local paper first ?
In my experience editors of most magazines want to see track record, your local weekly might be a good place to start getting stuff published.

Swearing Mother said...

Will give it a go, but will obviously have to be careful of my F's and B's! Sorry for moaning, bad day at the office and all that.... Your post cheered me up though - No Fish and Chips? Huh!

Best wishes.

sally in norfolk said...

Glad to see Norfolk is good for something .... even if it is only Fish and Chips...:-)

knifepainter said...

Hi Sally, Off to Turkey to see if they do fish and chips !!

beachfreak said...

Dreadful business and a fine example of why Suffolk comes second.

Say it quietly, but if you'd gone round the corner to the Harbour Inn, a little way out of town, you'd have been treated to relatively decent f&c without too much of the poncing about. As long as you can put up with the braying from the neighbouring tables.

And a half of Broadside please...