Tuesday, 14 August 2007

big silver bird fly across sky...................

Everyone here is a bit excited today, 'cos on Thursday morning we fly off to Turkey on holiday.

I see from the hit map that some of you visitors are from that part of the world, any tips for first time visitors to Turkey ?

We are staying near Olu Deniz........and you know how I like a good beach.

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Swearing Mother said...

The only useful tip about anything I can give anyone is one my mother used to say to me every time I went abroad, which was: "Keep your hand on your ha'penny". Everyone used to laugh, including me, but I never really understood why .........?

Not sure if this applies to blokes as well, but over the years, with inflation, this probably translates to about 50 pence, so keep your hand on it!

Have a brilliant time, looking forward to the photos when you get back.