Friday, 31 August 2007

Close one

Shave that is.

I can heartily recommend the full shave and haircut service at the Moonstar Barbers in Hisaronu.

I especially enjoyed having my eyebrows plucked with what looked like dental floss, (I could be mistaken here, because the tears streaming down my face made it hard to see), and the use of a burning swab with meths on it which was utilised to burn away the hairs from inside and outside my ears. Lush.

The Barber and his mate were chuckling away in Turkish the whole time. I guess that some of the treatments are reserved just for tourists. I know I looked a complete twat some of the time, because although I couldn't see them through the salty mist, I could hear my wife, daughter and son laughing and dragging people from across the street to come and watch.

However, after the full service, including a neck and shoulder massage, I felt as smooth as a baby's bum, and I smelt like a whole grove of Lemon's.
All for less than six quid !

Oh, and by the way, I don't know why he has put shaving foam on my forehead either......................I think I better be on my own at the next full moon.


Swearing Mother said...

Fantastic, you tried eyebrow threading! Apparently it's v v painful, so now you've done it the rest of us won't have to.

Glad you're back knifepainter, you've been missed.

knifepainter said...

V.V.V.fucking painful S/M !

Glad to be back, X

garethlisadavies said...

Kia Ora Knifepainter, glad to hear you all had a good time on your holiday! That shaving looks like fun, and an experience like that for a less than six quid - not many of those left in the world! First day of spring here in the southern hemisphere, looking forward to the sun you've been basking in! But more importantly you're back in time for the World Cup!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Ouch, talk about your life in their hands..... Definite bravery points here. Have to agree with Swearing Mother, now you know what we women go through on a regular basis.

knifepainter said...

Hey Davies'.......Wales gonna get a leathering no doubt ! (X)

No bravery MMoF, I didn't know he was gonna do it till he started tearing my flesh....

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you let them shave you. Have you not seen Midnight Express!!! I must say the Turkish Bath was excellent in the Hotel, I'm sure your wife and daughter would agree.. Also why no mention of the 2 lovely ladies you met with their children!!!

Ana Banana Nuts & Honey said...


I see you've been relaxing a little?! ahhhhh...pluck, pluck!

you sure do look the picture of contentedness!

Greener Cleaners said...

Love the pictures but i'm surprised there's not more of Turkey on here! I"d expected you to get a little carried away! That can only mean that a much deserved relaxing time was had by all.

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It's early days but worth a try!

knifepainter said...

Hi anonymous, and hello to you, your friend Lorraine and your four lovely kids !!
It was a real treat to meet such lovely people, and I was getting round to mentioning you, AND Jo,Pet, Jane and Jason and their kids too.

Thank you Ana, and thanks for dropping HURT !

There are loads more pictures my little scrubber, but I think people might get a bit bored !