Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Dirty work, but someone has to do it...........

Despite being frantically busy with loads of admin tasks, I have had a little run of creativity.
Three of these were done last night at the Life drawing class I run. The second one down was the week before. (Different model).

The wonderful Miss Smack, in the unmissables to your right; "Smack Dab in the Middle", made the inspired suggestion that I should accompany these sketches with some of the conversation between Herself and me during the process.
As the class is usually only punctuated with the scratching of pencil, pastel charcoal, and the odd groan, grunt or sigh from the artists, there isn't much to repeat here. However, I often can't concentrate on my drawing for thinking how fortunate I am.


beachfreak said...

Dude, the muse has grasped you again, lovely to see.

Soz said...

I really, really love the top one, absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks! x

Josh said...

Wonderful stuff. I would love to be able to capture so much with such subtle strokes.

I feel inspired for the day now!

Hope you don't mind, you've made my blogroll too!

knifepainter said...

Freak, I think you may be right....

Soz, thanks luv, looking forward to your visit.

Josh, It's all about distillation. Sometimes the simpler they are the better they work. Sometimes not !

Thanks for being inspired.