Monday, 21 January 2008


Birthdays are funny things.

Last week I was having trouble remembering when the actual event was.
A couple of friends dropped in to see me on Thursday, and I was convinced that I had at least another week of being forty. I was wrong.

I suppose last year felt more significant in number terms, but I feel as though my attention has been distracted by work and domestic stuff for a couple of months, so being another year older has arrived in a rush.........almost unexpectedly.

It seems not so long ago that the only rational thoughts skipping between my ears on the anniversary of my birth were concerned with;
women/alcohol/geography/time of day/availability of taxis.
In actual fact, if I concentrate, those birthdays were more than twenty years ago. The impulses now go something like;
women/afternoon-nap/slippers/gin & that maturity or surrender ?

There are some advantages to getting on a bit though. As I write, the delicate aroma of the supermarket heat-at-home takeaway curry is drifting from the kitchen. The DVD choice has been made by the apprentice. Herself is flouncing decoratively around the kitchen, and the strangely calm and quiet Doppelganger of my evil teenage daughter is doing her homework !

As I said, funny thing Birthdays.


Swearing Mother said...

Sounds like perfection to me Knifepainter, everything you could possibly need all under one curry smelling roof.


Have a real Happy Birthday Sam.


beachfreak said...

Bloody hell, he's back. And hurrah!

I don't think it's maturity and I don't think it's surrender. I think it's wisdom.

I'm a bit concerned about your list though. Surely the afternoon nap comes after the g&t? And surely the slippers should, in all honesty, come first?

knifepainter said...

Hey Sweary, nice to read you flower ! Ta very much.
The Ruby was lovely.

See Freak, I have had to think about it.......
If I have the G&T first, the nap becomes a slumber and I miss the women/woman.
The slippers HAVE to come after the nap, 'cos us old blokes always have to get up and go water the horses before we turn in properly.

You'll come to know these things in your own good time my lad.x

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hey Knife, no matter how many birthdays you have, you will never catch me up. See every cloud and all that......

knifepainter said...

Well thanks for that MMoF.

Nice of you to drop in x.

theblognik said...

Can't help noticing you've got your numbers wrong. You do mean 31, don't you?

(Okay, I admit this works better on girlfriends' mothers, but hey, you sound like you need cheering up.)

gingerwitch said...

Just thought you might like to know . . . have fallen off the wagon, not in spectacular style tho so so nothing to make fun of, and have many more nights upsrigh rather than comatose and snoring on the sofa. Fun party anyway XX

gingerwitch said...

But still can't type . . .

knifepainter said...

Hey Ginge.......You OK Luv ?. xxxxxx