Thursday, 24 January 2008

back to the future

So, having figured that I have taken my digital photography as far as I want to, the obvious and long pondered question has been; "What next ?".
After more than a year of deliberating and writing lists of pro's and con's, I have decided on a course of action.
The bit of kit in the picture is a monorail camera. The sort of thing that some toggy's in their forties and older, (including me), learned their trade using.
Oh yeah, by the way, this one is now mine.

I'm not going to get all dewy eyed here, this is not an easy bit of kit to handle. There are some issues with using big old fashioned cameras. From my standpoint however, they are the antidote to hosing your subject down with a Digital camera, ending up with 200 frames, then spending all evening hard wired into Photoshop to end up with ten images.

The way I see it, beautifully lit, silky, black and white portraiture is the way to go.

Watch this space.


sally in norfolk said...

I will be watching !!

beachfreak said...

I'll see if I can buy you a smoking jacket off ebay to go along with your collection of cravats.

And a book of Oscar Wilde-type witicisms.

Have I got the wrong image? Probably, but it's fun in my odd mind.

knifepainter said...

Well thank-you Sally. It's reassuring to know that someone is out there. x

Freaky mate, as ever you're bang on !

Think Terry Thomas the actor crossed with the logical method of Sherlock Holmes !

Bruv said...

This doesn't have anything to do with advancing age does it?

Only kidding! I reckon that as with all things artistic you will blow us away. I for one would really love a silky black and white portrait of Theresa.

kairospix said...

you have some great shots!

voted for you at Photoblog Awards 2008!

would you consider mine? tks!

knifepainter said...

Hi Matt, you think maybe I'm trying to recapture my youth ??!!!

As for Tes, be a pleasure. Sort out when you can come over. G&T on me.

Hello Kairospix, thanks for the vote, I'll be over to your place to have a look asap.

theblognik said...

My dad made himself a bellows camera from some Chinese plans he found on the internet. Put his woodworking skills to the test, and then his photographic skills too. We have some lovely family portraits from that. Good luck, mate! Can't wait to see the results. Me, I shall continue to hose with RAWs until something acceptable happens.

theblognik said...

Sorry about the 'dad' reference, by the way. Didn't mean to insinuate anything about advancing years... Or that digital is the way of the future and a young person's medium. Not at all.

Got a fridge full of sheet film reclaimed from a gone-digital studio if you need any. We're going to make pinhole cameras to use it up, but there's probably a bit to spare!

Ms Smack said...

hi mate. Smack Dab is running another boob competition, and this time, men are invited to play if you're interested.

I hope you're well

knifepainter said...

Blognik, no offence taken at the Dad reference.......I briefly felt like an elder statesman.

I'll send you postage for any of that film you want to be rid of. E-mail me when you get a minute.

Hey Smack, I'll have a word with herself about the Boob comp.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

If black is such a slimming colour, do you think that by snapping me in black and white you could magic away the three stone that seem to have attached themselves to me..........

And not one comment about boys and their toys!

knifepainter said...

I have many dark and secret skills MMof........

Manic Mother Of Five said...

I don't doubt it for a minute!