Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Is that the time already ?

Hello luvlies, HAPPY 2008 !

As for Crimbo...............in the event everything was cool.
(As usual, my meltdown didn't last long)

Pressies got bought........(Not on the interweb Ian, hope all your stuff arrived !).........journeys to visit family, went without mechanical or traffic mishap, Chrismas day was all about cooking/talking/eating/unwrapping. The kids were great, not too teenstrange and are reliable and great company.
Boxing Day was at the outlaws, and went well, we got back home on the 27th and have been eating chocolate, watching DVD's and having a chilled time since.

On to the start of a new year then ! Loads to do, lots of developments with creative stuff.
I submitted a couple of ideas to the curator of the big, posh annual exhibition held at Salthouse. One of them is a solo project and the other a very exciting collaboration with three other artists.
Thrillingly enough, the curator has gone for both of them...................Hussah !

In between travelling and stuff I have finished two canvases, sold a couple of others and are in negotiation over a third.

Anyway, loads of stuff going on, more details to follow..................how are you all ?



Soz said...

Hi Sam

What fantastic start to the year!! Long may it continue - looking forward to hearing more about it all.
Love to everyone. x x
(almost forgot, Happy New Year!)x

Swearing Mother said...

Bloody good show Sam. Glad you've survived, sounds like you had a good time after all.

Happy Belated Birthday Beachfreak!

and Happy New Year Sam.


beachfreak said...

This time next year Rodney, this time next year......

Ta for buffday reminder, although I'm not sure how happy I am about moving towards 'mid 30s'. Hmmm.

Salthouse news is fandabydozy, I'll make sure I get along this year.

2008 it is then - fingers crossed mate.

Ian said...

Hi Sam,

Happy New Year and glad chrimbo for you went well.

I believe my dad got one of the ones you sold over the xmas period. Its great and atmospheric but I think we have to repaint the walls to get a matching background!!

My interweb shopping did turn up btw, 24 hours late so I was a "leetle" concerned.

I look forward to hearing more about your projects for the next year. Hopefully my visits will coincide with interesting events.


Ms Smack said...

Happy New Year, honey! Look forward to another year of lovely virtual friendship with you xx

knifepainter said...

Hi Soz, Happy New Year to you two to......Looking forward to catching up soon.

Sweary, great to hear from you. x

Freak, mid thirties looks good from here mate !

Nice to hear from you Ian, thanks for dropping in.

Smack you're a sweetheart. Me too.