Monday, 28 January 2008

Laughing Boy

Picture the scene; Saturday morning, Herself and the Firstborn are away to the city on a mission to purchase shoes.
Me and the Lad have no plans. Speculatively, I offer him the possibility of sitting fairly still while I paint his portrait. Surprisingly he gives up the coveted role of Chief Watcher of the Cartoons, and agrees.

Actually, he's a pretty good subject, and the opportunity to catch up with each others news is really good. Amazing the things that go on in the village and on the school bus that I have no clue about. Weird how every time I spend a long time talking to him, his maturity seems to have leaped forward since the last long chat.
Sometimes I wonder if I sleep for months at a time. The pace of change seems so fast with both of them.

After three/four hours, including a lunch break of fishcake and chips from the village chippy, this was the result.
Overall it's a bit dark, and a bit blue, but I think it'll be ok with a little tickling up here and there.

The real pleasure was in the fact that he really loved it, and dragged his Mum up to the studio on Sunday to have a look.


Manic Mother Of Five said...

You paint a fab picture both literally and metaphorically..... I can just see you there having a right natter - lovely. I relish the opportunity of spending one to one time with any of mine because as you say, in the blink of an eye they have changed so much.

And to gain approval from a teenager is praise indeed. Fab xx

knifepainter said...

Yeah, I was really weirdly excited by the fact that he liked it so much.

He's a good lad, and seemingly can tune out the noise of me and his siter clashing heads......a skill he'll find very useful as he grows older.

beachfreak said...

I suspect that, as the years pass in that hurried way they tend to, this will become even more of a favourite piece than it already is.

Swearing Mother said...

Lovely picture, great looking lad KP. Great to spend time together. And fishcake and chips? The whole thing's perfect.

knifepainter said...

I think you may be right Beachfreak.

Hi SM, yeah a good day. x