Wednesday, 31 October 2007


One of the unexpected benefits of fatherhood is having your 12 year old son (the strawberry blonde on the left), lift your mood when you feel a bit down.

This is Sam and his mate Henry, on their way round the village to scare old ladies earlier tonight.



beachfreak said...

And for those who don't know what NFN means, perhaps a competition for best suggestion?

Be gentle with the 'F'.

And in other news, has anyone seen this?

I love the bit where the filth say how pleased they are that they've "seized" a "stash of eggs and flour" in Downham Market.

I mean, for fucks sake.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hm Beachfreak, will put some thought into NFN..... Though having read yesterday's local publication I would opine No Flippin News!!!!

As for seizing eggs and flour, for all it does seem a bit heavy handed and arbitrary, teenagers together with no adult supervision can do some bloody stupid things. I'm afraid I don't subscribe to the whole trick or treat trend that seems to be going on. At its extreme I would say its tantamont to begging..... Oh er get me - mrs sit on the fence has an opinion!!! That said, love getting dressed up and we tend to have a few friends we go and "scare"

knifepainter said...

NFN.......nothing to do with news !

Glad to know the residents of Downham Market can sleep easy in their beds. Crime wave averted then.

I love trick or treating, 'cos I tax my kids when they come back loaded with sweets !