Wednesday, 10 October 2007


When the dog needs a walk at, or around dawn, you see a lot of unusual stuff. For instance, this sunrise, which was actually on Sunday morning, but I only just got round to posting it.

This morning, however, was windy grey and not at all beautiful. As soon as I dragged the poor creature out of the warm kitchen, our ears tuned-in to an insistent 'ting-ting-ting-tinging' coming from the direction of the main drag.
Rounding the corner at the end of the road it became obvious what was causing the noise. At the top of the Haig Club flagpole, just visible against the still dark sky, was the Union Jack fluttering wildly and causing the lanyard to twang on the metal pole.
Well, thinks I, bet the neighbours love that. Inconsiderate wanker.........Imagine my surprise, when I cross the road and draw level with said pole, to see a bloke balancing against the forty foot flagstaff, on a small step ladder.
There he is in the dark, with a roll of black bodge tape, trying to stop the 'tinging' by taping the lanyard to the pole about ten foot up from the bottom.
Did I stop and offer help or advice ? Did I fuck. I loudly guffawed and kept on walking.

You see, it's like this; if you are going to fly a flag.....any flag.....but especially the Union flag, show some respect and do it properly.

Up at Dawn, down at Sunset.


Kitty said...

Hi spunk. I don't care about flags I just wanted to shake my cans at you.


knifepainter said...

How jolly decent of you Kitty.
Ta very much. x

beachfreak said...

You've taught me two things thru this post.

One is the word 'lanyard'. I am truly excited about knowing this word and will add it to me lexicon.

And the second is a truly wonderful bit of advice, ie 'up at dawn, down at sunset'. I will ask the witch whether she minds me practising this technique on her for the rest of the week.

The stuff about the flag is quite cool too.

knifepainter said... blog title for you freak. No charge, all yours !

Anonymous said...

i spent a lot of my youth around yacht clubs (and still do).

I really love the sound of a lanyard/halyard banging against a mast, and the hissing of the wind through the stays & ropes. to me it's strangely soothing and reassuring.
i can see though why it drives some people insane, - windchimes send me round the bend!

great photo too.

The Hangar Queen said...

Hmmmm..flag rules here allows the flag to be flown at night if it is properly illuminated.That would be with spotlights..not a can of petrol and a Zippo.

Grand photo btw and a tip of the hat for completely ignoring the flag botherer.Exactly what I would have done.