Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Tough couple of weeks. Much decorating of the new studio, (pics to follow), sudden influx of commercial photography, plus lashings of domestic trauma. Nice.
I'm getting seriously twitchy about my auction purchased Chaise Lounge...............every serious artist should have has sat idle for over a month, too much decorating going on to be used for proper painting.
I have a couple of volunteers to be the first to be painted on it, so I need to crack on.

Looks like the studio will be finished next week, which means getting into it and thrashing some paint about.

Anyhoo, back now, more regular that syrup of figs, love to all, especially if you have been nipping in and going away disappointed.

Gotta go, need to find a cravat that doesn't clash with the Chaise...........


Swearing Mother said...

I have indeed missed you, but am now having a bit of a lull myself too.

Glad you're back.

Nice pic BTW.


sally in norfolk said...

Great pic... as always

knifepainter said...

HEY SM, thanks for the support x

..........and you too Sally. x