Friday, 19 October 2007

New work

Managed to get a bit of daubing done, despite all the Dulux getting slapped on the walls in the studio.

I'm trying to work on some home-made boards, that I have covered with heavy duty canvas. This has the effect of making it very hard to paint prissy details, thus I hope freeing up the composition.

This one worked ok, gonna do some nudes and portraits as soon as the studio is finished.

Any volunteers to sit ?


Snapper said...

I have not got the figure for it

Soz said...

I don't think you could cope with me, I am a pain in the arse for even a photo (as I am sure you remember). You would end up not wanting to see me again, clothed or otherwise!! Studio looks really good, can't wait to see it "in real life"! x

The Hangar Queen said...

Ha!I'd be deeeelighted to..only seeing me in the nip would scar you for life.

You're too talented to be reduced to a blob of quivering jelly.

Anonymous said...

i have been at wife for years to have a nude done of her, but she won't.

congrats on your new studio & looking forward to your next works.

(roughly how many paintings have you got lying around??)

Swearing Mother said...

Would offer to sit for you Knifepainter, but fear the sight of me unclothed would spoil a beautiful friendship. There are some things best left to the imagination.

Liked your new pic BTW, that's just the sort of thing I'd hand on my walls.

knifepainter said...

Just a portrait then snapper !

Soz, if you come through the door you have to be painted. It's the law ! x

Hanger Queen, a nice tasteful silhouette ??

Laughing Boy, shame your lady can't be convinced, thanks for the luck.
As to the 'how many' question.....if you count stuff on gallery walls, and stuff at home, and in the old studio.....about 40.

Swearing Mother, I think you do protest too much, none of you lot seem to be willing to sit.....even for a portrait !

Never mind, imagination will have to suffice.
Glad you liked the landscape.

Soz said...

Ok, I will try and get my "interesting and mysterious" look on when we come to visit....I had better get practising! x

knifepainter said...

Have a look at a picture of Mona Lisa Soz.

If you can do that one we're in !

The Hangar Queen said...

Oh..go on then...where do you want me?

Anonymous said...

excellent work on your blog.
nice colors in this one!

~Miss Smack said...

I'll check what photos i have laying around :)

I wanted to say nice work for your blog by the way. I can see that you're working out bit by bit how to personalise it. It looks fabbo!


Soz said...

I saw the Mona Lisa when we were on our honeymoon, I don't think I could ever be that mysterious....maybe Lisa Tarbuck...? Will that do? x

knifepainter said...

Hi everyone !!

Back now.

HQ, wherever you feel comfortable !

Gobeets, thanks for dropping in.

Smack, I'm STILL waiting.

Soz, Lisa T would do nicely ! XXX